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egrips Promo Products

egrips Promotional Products

egrips Anti-Slip Phone Grip Stickers keep your smartphone from sliding around on ANY surface! Full color, custom card included. 

egrips Promotional Products

DigiClean Promo Products

DigiClean Screen Cleaner Sticker Promotional Products

DigiClean Screen Cleaner Stickers are always with you and safely remove makeup, fingerprints, dirt and oil.

DigiClean Promotional Products

Multi-Impression Promotions

Multi-Impression Promotions - Get Your Message Read and Remembered

We combine quality promotional products with a full-color printed carrier, giving customers a personalized message and a practical reminder.

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Matson DigiClean Plus

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Flexible Innovations (asi/54596) has been an official member of the ad specialty industry since 2006, when they started with one product: a line of anti-slip adhesive stickers called egrips® Non-Slip Strips, perfect for electronic devices. Now, they’ve expanded their product line with a number of useful items, including DigiClean® screen cleaners, egrips® phone grips and MemoSpot® note holders for computer monitors, stainless steel refrigerators, dashboards and laminated cabinets...anywhere you place temporary notes, cards or photos. “Our products all come attached to marketing cards for people to truly advertise their products and services,” says Fred Antonini, general partner. “Our products don’t just include a logo; they come with marketing copy on a card, which is so important. It makes people engage with the product and the company being advertised.”

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egrips® Promotional Grip Stickers


egrips anti-slip rectangle phone sticker marketing card

egrips® Anti-Slip Promotional Stickers / Phone Grips are Full Color, digitally printed cell phone grips, that come attached to a full color, custom printed Marketing Card.  Peel the grip from the card and stick it to the back of your mobile device. 

egrips® Non-Slip Strips keep your smartphone from sliding around on most any surface AND it gives you a better grip of the gadget.  Add value to the card with coupons, contests, QR codes, product knowledge, special offers, invitations ... drive sales!  egrips® Non-Slip Promotional Products come ready to giveaway ... 2 custom printed components for the price of 1!

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Promotional DigiClean Screen Cleaner Stickers

Do you remember the last time you looked at a dirty screen? Probably right now! We are surrounded by dirty, oily screens that deserve a soft, non-abrasive cleaning cloth that is typically out of reach.

eCornell DigiClean Plus Tri-folded brochure

DigiClean® Microfiber phone screen cleaners sticker are always handy, sticking to the devices we carry with us. These screen wipes do a remarkable job on removing makeup, fingerprints, dirt and oil. And when they get dirty, just wash it with soap and water. DigiClean® ultra fine micro fibre cell phone screen cleaner stickers are non-abrasive, non-toxic and long lasting.

Primrose Schools chose the B series Marketing CardDigiClean® Ultrafine Microfiber Mobile Phone Screen Wipe Stickers include a custom printed Marketing Card (2" x 3.5" or 3.5 x 6"). Both the cleaner and card are 4 Color Process, Full Bleed and deliver your message with True Color Fidelity & Graphics Reproduction.

Patented DigiClean® has a Superior Acrylic Adhesion Technology, sticking to virtually any surface. DigiClean Screen Wipes are Washable, Reusable and always handy.

Ships from USA - No Overseas Shipping Charges!

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How To Buy Screen Cleaner Stickers

When Microfiber Screen Cleaner Stickers were invented, most cell phones were encased in smooth plastic or metal ... the days of the Motorola RAZR.  As mobile phones and tablets have evolved, their surfaces have changed, as have the variety of cases that we use to protect them.

DigiClean Screen Cleaners have evolved with mobile phone designs to ensure that our handy little stickers actually STICK to these newer surfaces, and don't fall off the devices they are designed to clean.

If you want to promote your company's logo and message for months on a phone or tablet, DigiClean products are the top of the line.

And in high volume price sensitive situations, when limited adhesion to various surfaces is acceptable, our MicroCling Economy line of screen cleaners are available.


DigiClean products STICK
MicroCling products CLING
Surface Adhesion  
smooth plastic
metal some
soft touch some  
textured many some  
rubberized many    
Microfiber Sticker Construction
full color front side imprint
sonically sealed edges  
full color sticky side imprint    
anti-bacterial microfiber    
INCLUDED Full Color Cards / Advertising Options
2" x 3.5" business card front
3.5" x 6" marketing card front  
3.5" x 6" marketing card back  
5.5" x 8.5" direct mailer option call 

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MemoSpot Note Holder

MemoSpot Note Holders are repositionable and reusable sticky pads designed for  hundreds of applications.  Designed and assembled in the USA.

MemoSpot Note Holders are repositionable and reusable sticky pads designed for hundreds of applications.  Designed and assembled in the USA.

Each MemoSpot comes attached to a 3.5" x 6" Marketing Card or 2" x 3.5" Business Card ... your choice ... full color on both sides of the card!

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