DigiClean Plus Pricing in USD $

€ EUR / £ GBP pricing

DigiClean Plus Anti-bacterial Screen Cleaner StickersAnti-Bacterial Screen Cleaners that stick to all phones and most cases, even if rubberized or heavily textured.  FREE full color sticky side imprint (photos, QR codes, phone #s, locations) & FREE custom 3.5" x 6" Marketing Card or 2" x 3.5" Business Card!  Pricing below in USD$

Series • Size (r) 250 500 1000 2000 5000
I • Fingertip 1.50 1.05 0.90 0.75 0.65
S • Small 1.85 1.40 1.30 1.10 1.00
A • Standard 1.95 1.50 1.35 1.15 1.05
B • Medium 2.05 1.60 1.45 1.25 1.15
C • Large 2.35 1.90 1.75 1.55 1.45
T • Tablet 2.55 2.10 1.95 1.70 1.60
D • Notebook 2.80 2.35 2.25 2.05 2.00
P • Pad 3.05 2.60 2.45 2.20 2.10
PUFF layer (v) ** +.55 +.45 +.40 +.35 +.30
1-Time Setup: $75 (v) 
FREE 4/4 Marketing or Business Card
FREE Full Color Dye Sublimation on Microfiber & Sticky side
Custom Shape (v): S-A-B-C series +.10 each / T-D-P series +.15 each
Variable Data (v): S-A-B-C series +.10 each / T-D-P series +.15 each
** Sticky Side Imprint with PUFF is not possible; one or the other

DigiClean Xtra Pricing USD $

€ EUR / £ GBP pricing

DigiClean Xtra Screen Cleaner StickersAnti-Bacterial Screen Cleaners that stick to all phones and most cases, even if rubberized or heavily textured.
FREE custom 3.5" x 6" Marketing Card or 2" x 3.5" Business Card!
Pricing below in USD$.

Series • Size (r) 250 500 1000 2000 5000
I • Fingertip 1.45 1.00 0.85 0.70 0.60
S • Small 1.65 1.20 1.10 0.90 0.80
A • Standard 1.75 1.30 1.15 0.95 0.85
B • Medium 1.85 1.40 1.25 1.05 0.95
C • Large 2.05 1.60 1.45 1.25 1.15
T • Tablet 2.25 1.80 1.65 1.40 1.30
D • Notebook 2.50 2.05 1.95 1.75 1.70
P • Pad 2.75 2.30 2.15 1.90 1.80
PUFF layer (v) +.55 +.45 +.40 +.35 +.30
1-Time Setup: $75 (v) 
FREE 4/4 Marketing or Business Card
Custom Shape (v): S-A-B-C series +.10 each / T-D-P series +.15 each
Variable Data (v): S-A-B-C series +.10 each / T-D-P series +.15 each

Promotional DigiClean Screen Cleaner Stickers

DigiClean® Microfiber phone screen cleaners sticker are always handy, sticking to the devices we carry with us. These screen wipes do a remarkable job removing makeup, fingerprints, dirt and oil. And when they get dirty, just wash it with soap and water. DigiClean® ultra fine micro fibre cell phone screen cleaner stickers are non-abrasive, non-toxic and long lasting.

DigiClean products STICK
Cling Wipes products CLING
 Cling Wipes 
Surface Adhesion  
smooth plastic
metal most
soft touch most  
textured many most  
rubberized many    
Microfiber Sticker Construction
full color front side imprint
sonically sealed edges
anti-bacterial microfiber  
full color sticky side imprint    
INCLUDED Full Color Cards / Advertising Options
2" x 3.5" business card front
3.5" x 6" marketing card front  
3.5" x 6" marketing card back  
5.5" x 8.5" direct mailer option call 

eCornell DigiClean Plus Tri-folded brochure

Primrose Schools chose the B series Marketing CardDigiClean® Ultrafine Microfiber Mobile Phone Screen Wipe Stickers include a custom printed Marketing Card (2" x 3.5" or 3.5 x 6"). Both the cleaner and card are 4 Color Process, Full Bleed and deliver your message with True Color Fidelity & Graphics Reproduction.

Patented DigiClean® has a Superior Acrylic Adhesion Technology, sticking to virtually any surface. DigiClean Screen Wipes are Washable, Reusable and always handy.

Ships from USA - No Overseas Shipping Charges!


DigiClean Series - Shapes and Sizes

I series

I series - Fingertip sized cleaner that also decorates the face of your phone! ... back to pricing

Click to enlargeDigiClean I Series - Fingertip Screen CleanerThe Fingertip size I series (12mm x 17mm) is big enough to clean your phone screen, yet small enough to store on the phone's face, where it's always in view! Perfect for decorating phones with school logos, a NASCAR driver’s number, APP Icons, etc. Due to its small surface area, the I series requires a superior adhesion system and both the DigiClean Xtra and Plus work great!

On the iPhone (and many other phones) the EYE fits nicely over the home button or in one of the corners.

S series

S series - Small - 1" square & circle, .8" x 1.3" rectangle cleans small mobile cell phone, smartphone screens ... pricing

Digiclean S series - Small

A series

A series - Standard - 1.1" square & circle, .8" x 1.6" rectangle, oval, sign/tag, strip, t-shirt, flower cleans any size mobile cell phone and smartphone screens ... pricing

DigiClean A Series - Standard Size

B series

B series - Medium - 1.3" square & circle, 1.1" x 1.5" rectangle, heart, t-shirt, price/bag tag, teddy bear cleans all mobile cell phones and smartphone screens ... pricing

DigiClean B Series - Medium Size

C series

C series - Large - 1.5" square & circle ... 1.1" x 1.8" rectangle cleans any mobile cell phone, smartphone, laptop or tablet screen ... pricing

DigiClean C Series - Large Size

T series

T series - Tablet - 1.8" square & circle ... 1.6" x 2.4" rectangle designed to clean larger mobile devices like laptops, notebooks & tablet computers ... pricing

DigiClean T series - Tablet

D series

D series - Notebook - 2.2" square & circle ... 1.6" x 2.8" rectangle designed to clean larger mobile devices like laptops, notebooks & tablet computers ... pricing

DigiClean D Series - Standard Size

P series

P series - Pad - 2.4" x 3.4" rectangle designed to clean larger mobile devices like laptops, notebooks & tablet computers ... pricing

DigiClean P series - Pad

Screen Cleaner Add Ons

Custom Shapes

Series • Size
Min 500 pieces
Upcharge (v)
Min 500 pieces
Square MM
S • Small +.15 630 sq mm
A • Standard +.15 800 sq mm
B • Medium +.15 1040 sq mm
C • Large +.15 1260 sq mm
T • Tablet +.15 2030 sq mm
D • Notebook +.22 2800 sq mm
P • Pad +.22 5140 sq mm

Puff Layer

DigiClean Puff Layer Cleaner Option
DigiClean Puff Compared to standard thickness
DigiClean PUFF layer shown on the left & middle, standard thickness on the right

QR Codes

DigiClean id perfect for QR CodesQR Codes ... A Simple and Creative way to add value!
CNN.com: Marketers embracing QR Codes

We generate and link QR Codes for FREE.  Specifications: Must be a minimum of .62" (16 mm) square with moderate character density.

QR Codes are printed on the card and either the fabric side or sticky side (DigiClean Plus only) for FREE

DigiClean Screen Cleaners are the ultimate QR Code vehicle, because they can be repeatedly scanned and are attached to the phone.

Marketing Tips:

Linking QR Codes to YouTube videos has a WOW factor and ensures the video plays on all smartphones.

If linking to a website, it's best if that site is Mobile Ready, or contains something unique that your standard website doesn't offer.

Linking to the deal of the week, your facebook fan page and twitter feed are dynamic uses of the QR code because the content is always refreshed.

Creative Cards and Packaging Options



Direct Mail

Direct Mailers on 5.5" x 8.5" Postcard (v) 250 500 1000 2000 5000 10000+
Sealed to 5.5" x 8.5" card, addressed & mailed*  + 0.48 0.36 0.30 0.19 0.15
Sealed to 5.5" x 8.5" card (for self mailing) +0.56 0.32 0.30 0.25 0.15 0.12
Upcharge for just the larger 5.5" x 8.5" card +0.31 0.19 0.10 0.09 0.05 0.05


Includes: 4/4 printing, 14pt C2S
* Postage not included
Current US Domestic Postage:
-Presorted Standard $0.36 each
-Presorted First Class $0.47 each

Standard production ships 12 Business Days after Art Approval.


Perfs & Slits


Greeting Card

Greeting Cards with a Gift leaves a lasting impression!
Greeting Card (v) 500 1000 2000 5000
5" x 7" upcharge +.58 .34 .25 .21

4/4 printing, 14pt C2S


Envelopes (v) 500 1000 2000 5000
A-7 upcharge +.29 .22 .18 .16

24 lb uncoated woven
1 color Return Address
Includes Addressing
Postage NOT Included

                                                                                          Standard production ships 12 Business Days after Art Approval.


Flexible Innovations Promotional Card Folding Options




Add MORE value and creativity with these Optional Card Features!

These Optional Card Features may add a few days to the lead time.
ALL cards are custom printed, full color, full bleed, 14 PT C2S and high resolution offset printed.

Optional Card Features in $ US
add upcharge to price above
250 500 1000 2000 5000 Added
Create QR Codes (Quick Response Code) FREE and EASY 0
Round the Corners of Card (v) +.05 .05 .05 .04 .03 0
Large Card - 5.5" x 8.5" (v) +.31 .19 .10 .09 .05 0
Bottle Hanger (v) - - .15 .15 .12 2
Business Card Slits (v) - - -     0
Additional Card Version, min 250 $50 per version, min 250 0
Inserted into Clear Cello Bag (v) $0.15 each 0

Production and Additional Information

Production Leadtime

Standard Production

  • egrips, DigiClean, DigiGrips & MemoSpot orders ship 10 business days after proof approval.  
    • Up to 5,000 pieces.
    • Card must be either a 2"x3.5", 3.5"x6", or a 4"x6" with NO special finishing features (i.e. perfs, rounded corners, folds, scores).

RUSH Production

  1. Available for egrips & DigiClean orders up to 5000 pieces
  2. Available for DigiGrips orders up to 2000 pieces
  3. Card must be either a 2"x3.5", 3.5"x6" or a 4"x6" with NO special finishing features (i.e. perfs, rounded corners, folds, scores)
    1.    $95 per artwork: ships 8 business days after proof approval.

    2.  $125 per artwork: ships 7 business days after proof approval.

    3.  $150 per artwork: ships 6 business days after proof approval.

PRODUCTION CUT-OFF TIME - POs with Proof Approval received by 5pm Central are considered "In Production" that day.  Proofs for orders are provided within hours IF the artwork is in vector format and setup according to the templates at flexinno.com/tools ... PMS colors must be supplied for screan cleaner orders.

Art Setup

We match PMS colors on the screen cleaner on a best effort basis and we make several attempts to create color matches with our dyes before producing an order. Should you require to see an actual printed piece, it will delay the order at least one week. And if you prefer, we will re-submit samples until you are satisfied OR we will accept cancellation of your order prior to releasing the screen cleaner into production. Please see DigiClean Pre-Production / Spec Samples

Setup Charge Includes file preparation for printing offset, digital 4 color process, and/or dye sublimation. Included are any simple requests that take less than 15 minutes such as the addition of a phone number, email address, URL, or the simple arrangement of elements that are provided in workable vector file formats (not photos or PowerPoint files) with fonts outlined.

Any other work such as the re-creation of logos, basic creative work, or other artwork required that is not submitted as defined above, will be charged a reasonable amount based on $25 per half hour. 

For virtual proofs requiring extensive card creation, this rate applies as well.


Our AntiBacterial DigiClean Plus Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner PREVENTS the growth of bacteria on the microfiber WITHOUT Nano-silver or Triclosan!

Anti-Microbial SEK Certification

DigiClean Anti-Microbial Bacterial Prevents Germs from Spreading!

The Non-Toxic Antimicrobial Treatment lasts for the life of the screen cleaner!

After wiping bacteria from your screen, the treatment in the fabric prevents the bacteria from growing and spreading.

The efficacy is measured and assessed by using Staphylococcus aureus as popular human skin bacteria.  The antibacterial activity value is 2.2 or greater, as defined in ISO 20743.

Neither Nano-silver nor Triclosan is present in our anti-bacterial microfiber!

US Patents

Official US Patent 7,431,983 & US Trademark 3,407,948

Official US Patent 7,431,983 issued Oct 7, 2008 & US Trademark 3,407,948

OBJECT: To realize a wiping sheet with sufficient flexibility, high adhesion strength, easy attachment on concavo-convex surface, good adhesiveness and durability.

There are a number of screen cleaners available in the promotional products industry.  Our screen cleaners are manufactured under US Patent # 7,431,983 and the US Trademark 3,407,948 for DigiClean®.


Our intent is to provide a high quality product that is identified as fully compliant with US Patent and Trademark law. The supporting documents are available in the Intellectual Property section here.


Below are a few examples ... See The Gallery of Case Studies for many more

Gallery of Promotional Products

Flexible Innovations Gallery of Promotional Products