egrips Promo Products

egrips Promotional Products

egrips Anti-Slip Phone Grip Stickers keep your smartphone from sliding around on ANY surface! Full color, custom card included. 

egrips Promotional Products

DigiClean Promo Products

DigiClean Screen Cleaner Sticker Promotional Products

DigiClean Screen Cleaner Stickers are always with you and safely remove makeup, fingerprints, dirt and oil.

DigiClean Promotional Products

Multi-Impression Promotions

Multi-Impression Promotions - Get Your Message Read and Remembered

We combine quality promotional products with a full-color printed carrier, giving customers a personalized message and a practical reminder.

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egrips Anti-Slip Selfie Secure


egrips Selfie Secure 2" Anti-Slip Bunker Ring Promotional Products

“The safe alternative to selfie sticks”

With selfie sticks being deemed as a “nuisance” and now banned from many events because they can be dangerous and also a violation of privacy, seek a safe and novel way to promote your brand with Selfie Secure, a 2" Anti-Slip Bunker Ring with a Full Color Marketing Card.

egrips Selfie Secure in action!egrips Anti-Slip Phone stickers protect & prevent mobile phones from sliding out of your hand or off any surface. The additional finger loop ensures a secure hold of your phone while taking selfies at any angle. Slip your finger through the loop when taking forward-facing photos or when texting one-handed for a secure hold on your phone while still allowing freedom to type.

egrips Selfie Secure 2" Anti-Slip Bunker Ring

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Effective tech gadgets attached to print media increase readership by 52% percent**

egrips digiclean iphone6 prom

 DigiClean® products remove germs from screens and prevent the spreading of germs and bacterial growth for the life of the cleaner.

Mobile phones can carry contagious germs because our hands touch many bacteria covered public places.  You can keep your phone relatively germ free by simply remembering to clean it occasionally; wiping it off with a DigiClean® antibacterial reusable screen cleaner.


< egrips® products create the most effective anti-slip solution of any phone or case accessory on the market.

According to SquareTrade, new larger smartphones are heavier and much more slippery, resulting in increased drops and damage. In addition, they are much more likely to slip out of a person's hand since some users have a hard time gripping the large but slim form, especially when texting.
** Percentage from the 2014 DMA Statistical Fact Book (Direct Marketing Association)
We create attention-grabbing print media by attaching useful & unique products that engage recipients with

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