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DigiClean Microfiber Mobile Cell Phone Screen Cleaner Stickers

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Do you remember the last time you looked at a dirty screen? Probably right now! We are surrounded by dirty, oily screens that deserve a soft, non-abrasive cleaning cloth that is typically out of reach.

SGS compliant!DigiClean® Microfiber phone screen cleaners sticker are always handy, sticking to the devices we carry with us. These screen wipes do a remarkable job on removing makeup, fingerprints, dirt and oil. And when they get dirty, just wash it with soap and water. DigiClean® ultra fine micro fibre cell phone screen cleaner stickers are non-abrasive, non-toxic and long lasting.

eCornell DigiClean Plus Tri-folded brochureDigiClean® Ultrafine Microfiber Mobile Phone Screen Wipe Stickers include a custom printed Marketing Card (2" x 3.5" or 3.5 x 6"). Both the cleaner and card are 4 Color Process, Full Bleed and deliver your message with True Color Fidelity & Graphics Reproduction.

Patented DigiClean® products have Superior Adhesion Technology, sticking to virtually any surface. DigiClean Screen Wipes are Washable, Reusable and always handy.

Ships from USA - No Overseas Shipping Charges!


DigiClean® Plus Advanced Adhesion System

DigiClean-Plus-Logo 275Why DigiClean® Plus™ ?    TWO huge benefits:

  1. Sticks to all mobile phones and almost all protective cases
  2. FREE Sticky Side Imprint in full color

The #1 challenge for all screen cleaner stickers is adhering to the wide variety of protective cases on the market. Many cases are rubberized, textured or have a matte soft-touch finish. The DigiClean Plus sticks to almost all of these cases, over and over again!

Other screen cleaner stickers, like our Cling Wipes, were designed to only cling to glossy plastic and metal surfaces, and will not stick to many of the cases.  See this helpful comparison overview of screen cleaner stickers ... how to buy.

The DigiClean Plus has a crystal clear adhesion layer that allows a full color dye sublimation to show through. This allows maximum creativty on both sides, literally doubling the imprint area for FREE!

Below are a few examples ... See The Gallery of Case Studies for many more

Anti-Bacterial DigiClean Plus ... FREE sticky side imprint

DigiClean® Plus™ sticks to virtually ANY surface!

DigiClean® Plus™ Advanced Adhesion System is available for ALL Series and Shapes.

2011 DigiClean Plus Overview