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egrips® Anti-Slip Grip Stickers

egrips Anti-Slip ProductsThe Original Phone Grip

egrips® Technology's Patented, protective, gecko-like, anti-skid, silicone material, solves slippery situations around the home, office, car, boat, plane ... land, air & sea!

- Stays Clean
- Made in USA
- Designed to grip
- Not Magnetic or Sticky
- Easily applied and cleanly removable!


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egrips Skin iPhone 6The Original Phone Skin

egrips® Non-Slip Material has an extremely high coefficient of friction and a very low-profile.  Our patented anti-skid material can be used in an endless number of applications beyond handheld electronic devices, helping to make life easier, safer and more precise.

egrips® material is a soft elastomer.  Similar to high performance tires, the more friction that is applied to the material, the faster it wears.  We guarantee the products to be free of defects from workmanship for 60 days from purchase date.

egrips® Skins & Kits perform magically on any dry surface. Our Universal Kits meet almost any need and our large 4.75" x 9.5" Sheet that can be cut with a sharp pair of scissors.   Many satisfied customers find unique ways to use egrips® Material ... read the reviews!

Get a Grip on your slippery gadgets with egrips Anti-Slip Skins & Kits!

  • Not Magnetic or Sticky ... amazing gripping action is Magical!
  • Stays securely in your hand, on your dash ... virtually anywhere!
  • Prevents damaging drops ... prolongs life of your investment!
  • Easily applied and cleanly removable ... leaves no residue!
  • Won't absorb dirt or oils and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth!
  • Patented material dramatically enhances the device's feel!
  • Ultra-thin material does not prohibit the use of a case or clip!
  • Most Advanced anti-skid surface in the world ... simply amazing!SGS compliant!

egrips Non-Slip Strip In Action - A Gripping Testimony - Works on Any Surface! 

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egrips® Technology Material's patent pending, dimpled silicone elastomer has an extremely high coefficient of friction, which prevents devices from sliding around on car seats, center consoles, counter tops, desktops, laptops and even your shirt sleeve.